Mississippi And Illinois Rank Highest In Nation’s Religious Liberty, New Study Shows 

Joseph Kennedy at the Supreme Court

WASHINGTON— The majority of Americans live with less than half of the legal protections of religious freedom available in other states, according to new research by the conservative think tank Center for Religion, Culture and Democracy. CRCD launched the Religious Liberty in the States Index on Sept. 14, which rates religious freedom in all 50 […]

From Alaska To Fiji — The Story Of One Family’s Spiritual Journey

Jones Family Missionaries

EAGLE RIVER, Alaska — Michael and Meghan Jones were seeing their construction business flourish in this rural suburb outside of Anchorage when they got a wild notion: Move to Fiji.  The motivation for this family with four young children to uproot and migrate from colder to warmer climate wasn’t the island lifestyle. Rather, it was […]

A Seminary That Serves As Kodiak Island’s Arctic Willow

Alaska - Students attend morning prayer.

The Arctic Willow by Varlaam Shalamow  The willow flowers, packed in snow, The willow must hurry, To live like a bird, like a man If it really wishes to live.  KODIAK ISLAND, Alaska — Kassiana Sonday wakes at 5 a.m. most days to rush to the early chapel and help prepare for morning prayer at […]

The Beatles, Bees And Orthodoxy Animated In One Man’s Life

Joseph Dunham

The story of Joseph Dunham – A hippie in the Alaskan Wilderness EAGLE RIVER, Alaska – Shortly after I arrived at this picturesque Orthodox community 15 miles north of Anchorage, residents rushed to ask if I’d met and talked to a guy named Joe Dunham.  Several young Orthodox converts who live at the St. James […]

Why Pope Francis Could Make His First Papal Visit To Serbia

Pope Francis big image

BELGRADE, Serbia — In late November 2021, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, the secretary of the Holy See for relations with states, visited Serbia. During his visit, he met with the country’s president and prime minister as well as recently-elected Patriarch Porfirije of the Serbian Orthodox Church. After meeting with the Serbian press, Gallagher said, “Pope […]

A Truly Catholic Law School in the Heart of Florida

Ave Maria School of Law

At Ave Maria School of Law, Catholic Legal Education is Alive and Well The relocation of Ave Maria School of Law to southwest Florida in the summer of 2009 marked a new era in the state’s position in legal education. Since then, Ave Maria Law has been an “unabashedly Catholic” institution of higher learning. Despite […]

Orthodox Unity and the Future of Ecumenical Dialogue

Ecumenical Dialogue

Despite historic advances in Catholic-Orthodox relations, work for unity of Eastern and Western Christianity may be threatened Since Russia launched a military invasion into Ukraine on February 24, headlines around the world have focused on the atrocities of the war and its negative effects on international relations. Western journalists and theologians rushed to accuse President […]

Socialists To Confiscate Church Property In Montenegro

Serbian Orthodox Church, Kotor, Montenegro

Events in Montenegro underscore how property rights, parental rights, and religious liberty go together. That nation’s socialist leadership passed a law allowing the government to seize religious property, declare a monopoly over the education of the youngest children, and limit parents’ ability to raise their children in their faith. On December 27, 2019, despite popular […]